We Advise Providers of Video, Web & Audio Conferencing Products & Services On How
To Avoid Technically Imposed Conversational Interactivity Constraints

     Wallace Consulting has been investigating factors that limit the collaboration effectiveness of video, web & audio conferencing offerings since 2007, including the causes, impacts and mitigation options. As professionals conduct business in more geographically dispersed environments collaboration effectiveness, which is impacted by conversational interactivy constraints, is increasingly important when working virtually.
     We've identified infrastructure improvement options that let meeting participants optimize the quality of their collaborations by reducing those ubiquitous interactivity constraints on virtual meetings to inconsequential levels thereby enabling the naturally interactive discussion that scholars say is so important when collaboration is complex and spirited.

     Our mission is to help business, industry and government have access to our improvement on an expedited basis.  We are doing  so by working to be a catalyst in convincing virtual meeting vendors to implement our improvements by finding and making those vendors aware of examples of teams that place a high value on the natural conversational interactivity our improvements provide - and why. 

     Contact us at wallacehb@wallaceco.net or via mobile/text at 615 318 4952