Over his career, Howard has exhibited  uncommon levels of  resourcefulness and effectiveness in identifying,  leading and leveraging talented teams in analyzing and mitigating a wide rage of complex strategic business problems. He held senior positions as a strategic management consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton in New York City and Arthur D. Little in Cambridge, MA. Representative consulting engagements included:

Howard initially worked in industry for over 25 years with General Electric and Nortel Networks. Early in his GE career he was awarded a patent for a video signal processing technique used on NFL telecasts to mitigate extreme sun/shadow conditions.  He has an electrical engineering degree from Mississippi State University.

Howard Wallace is the founder of Wallace Consulting LLC, launched in 2007 to seek ways to enable naturally interactive discussion on web, audio and video conferencing systems -- interactivity that is currently constrained by technical issues. The firm has been successful and is testing its innovation with web conferencing users. 

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